Modern Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinets in Various Kitchens

Choosing modern dark brown kitchen cabinets is such a wise decision considering that dark brown is the “standard” color for kitchen cabinet. Beside of being classic, dark brown is also a natural wooden color. So, if you have wooden cabinetry in the kitchen, there is no other suitable color but dark brown. Below, you will see several applications of dark brown color on the kitchen cabinet in different types of modern kitchen. You will see how the modern dark brown kitchen cabinets can go really well with lots of kitchen themes.

1. Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinet in Classic Kitchen


In a classic kitchen where the design is so elegant like the one in the pictures, you can see that the deep dark brown color of the kitchen cabinet matches so well with the ivory wall. It elevates the beauty of the kitchen. The classic chandelier hanging down the ceiling is in the same color as the kitchen cabinet. The dark brown color is also matching so well with the marble countertops in the kitchen and around the area of the kitchen island. The dark brown cabinet itself is completed by craft but it is not to extravagant so that it still has the simplicity to balance the extravagant looking of the kitchen.

2. Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinet in Rustic Kitchen


Having a rustic kitchen means that brown color must dominate the kitchen. Brown is the color of the earth and the wood. It speaks nature and thus it must be used in the kitchen. If you use a lot of dark colors already in the kitchen like black dining table and stove, you can use kitchen cabinet in the color of brown but not too dark. It will add balance to the rustic kitchen as well as supporting the whole rustic theme.It is so impressing to have a kitchen like this one in the picture.

3. Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinet in Modern Kitchen


When your kitchen’s theme is modern or contemporary, you can basically use any vibrant elements that you want. As you can see in the picture, the color of the kitchen cabinet as the main element in the kitchen is still in brown color. However, the dark shade of the kitchen cabinet is balanced with the usage of pale white on the countertop. Below the kitchen cabinet you can see that the backsplash is decorated with swirl pattern in green. It really adds vibrant look to the modern kitchen.

4. Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinet in Lavish Kitchen


Having a lavish kitchen does not mean that the kitchen must be filled by expensive kitchen appliances. It is only important that the kitchen is so much refined. The kitchen cabinet in the picture is indeed in the color of dark brown and it is pretty much the color scheme of the kitchen. It has dark brown all over the place including on the marble countertops and on the low hanging lights. Everything in the kitchen must look really refined and shining to emphasize the lavishness of the kitchen.

5. Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinet in Minimalist Kitchen


In a minimalist kitchen, the appliances in it and also the decorative elements are pretty much limited. The simplicity is shown by only displaying the kitchen cabinet and the countertop. As you can see in the picture, the U-shaped kitchen is using the dark brown color so well on both of the cabinets and drawers. It combines the dark shade of the brown color with the stained marble countertops. The modern dark brown kitchen cabinets are really the star of the kitchen considering there is nothing much to be seen in a minimalist kitchen.

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