Choosing Light or Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing light or dark kitchen cabinets is practically like choosing the color scheme for the kitchen. Kitchen cabinet is the most dominating furniture in the kitchen because it will be installed around the kitchen. So, deciding the right color of the kitchen cabinet determines the entire color scheme for the kitchen. If you choos the wrong color, your kitchen will not be comfortable to look at. Thus you must choose the right color for your kitchen cabinets. Below is more information for you about it so that you can eventually decide light or dark kitchen cabinets for your own kitchen.

1. Grey Kitchen Cabinet for Sophisticated Kitchen


Grey is a color mixture between black and white that has high sophistication in it. It also has the sense of light but not too overpowering. That is why when you want light-colored kitchen cabinet but you want it to be quite simple, grey can be the answer. Grey also has the metalic sense so that it matches the sophisticated theme so well. This is the reason why grey is the perfect color scheme for modern kitchen. Grey color for the kitchen cabinets can be really sleek and simple. You do not have to go all grey for your kitchen. Aside for the kitchen cabinet, you can give hint of other colors such as a slight black or white in the kitchen.

2. Pastel Blue Kitchen Cabinet for Shabby Chic Kitchen


Having a shabby chic kitchen means that your kitchen cabinet must be light-colored. Shabby chic is related to the usage of pale and pastel colors, one of them is the pale blue of course. Beside of being very beautiful and light color, pale blue is also very ambiance. It also has that coastal look so that your kitchen will look really fresh. Use this pale blue color in your kitchen and your kitchen will have that rejuvenating and also energizing aura. Essentially, pale blue is quite a neutral color to be paired with any other colors. The pale blue kitchen cabinet in the kitchen can be combined with white or light brown countertops in the kitchen, for example. It will be so great to look at.

3. Orange Color for Contemporary Kitchen


Orange is quite unique. It has that very vibrant look and very funky. This color is bright and light. However, it is also completed by a slight darker hue. That is why orange is the perfect color for your kitchen cabinet if you have a contemporary kitchen. Orange can bring that vibrant brightness and playfulness to the kitchen. However, orange needs balance. Otherwise, it will be too overpowering. In a contemporary kitchen, the orange kitchen cabinet can be paired with other colors such as metalic grey. You can also use white color to balance the bright color of orange in the kitchen. If you want your kitchen to be more unique, you can also pair the orange color with a dash of light blue. It will give your kitchen a really elusive effect.

4. Black for Darker-Themed Kitchen

Black is probably one of the least popular colors when you have to choose the color for your kitchen cabinet. However, if you want to have dark color scheme for your kitchen, black can be your choice. Black is absolutely bolder than dark brown or red. It is also the perfect color for kitchen with Gothic theme. Even though black is really dark, it can also give the glossy look for your kitchen cabinet.

5. White for Minimalist Kitchen


There are many people who thinks that white is a wonderful color for a kitchen cabinet. It is so true actually because white is quite a neutral color that speaks simplicity. So, if you have a small kitchen and minimalist kitchen as well, white can be the perfect color for your kitchen. White is the color that can enlarge the size of your kitchen. So, if your kitchen is small, using white color as the color of the cabinet and also the color scheme of the room is going to make your kitchen bigger. If you do not want all white in your kitchen, you can use metallic kitchen appliances and it will add more color to the kitchen. Choosing light or dark kitchen cabinets is just as important as deciding the kitchen’s color scheme, so, choose wisely.

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